Customized Training

CamHR Training Center(CTC) will provide customized training to all clients focusing on their specific needs. For more than 10 years of conducting training has successfully provided programs in the fields of :

1.       Human Resource Management skill  

2.       Accounting and Finance

3.       Administrative Management

4.       Project Management

5.       Professional Development

6.       Sales and Marketing

7.       Management and Leadership

8.       Telecommunication and Decision making skills

The information to be collected includes:

  1. Company profile including line of business and product & services
  2. List of the intended participants including job title, job description and brief profile
  3. Specific topics to be addressed / emphasized

Once the specific topic is selectedCamHR Training Center(CTC)'s Consultant then will develop curriculum based training needs by integrating practical knowledge, skills, and best practices from the field to the classroom environment.

Customized Training workshops can be designed and delivered in a range of locations and formats. There will be a pre-training assessment conducted prior to the training and post-assessment after the training. 

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