CamHR Training Center(CTC) Introduction

CamHR Training Center(CTC) offers diverse training course to meet the needs of all clients. The following training courses can be conducted over one, two or five days depending on the depth and intensity of the course.

CamHR Training Center(CTC) provides effective training for working professionals with up-to-date skills and knowledge. Each course is designed and updated for participants ranging from assistant to potential managers. CamHR Training Center(CTC) will conduct the training course both Public (Up-coming Course 2016) and Customized Training according to clients’ needs. All courses are launched in the following specialization. 

1.       Human Resource Management skill   (Up-coming Course 2016)

2.       Accounting and Finance

3.       Administrative Management

4.       Project Management

5.       Professional Development

6.       Sales and Marketing

7.       Management and Leadership

8.       Telecommunication and Decision making skills

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