How to Be Successful at a New Job

Once you have absorbed all the orientation material on the very first day of your job, it’s time to hit the

road with a concrete plan of action. You shouldn't undermine the significance of the first few days of your job,

since this is the best time to create a solid first impression. If you come out of the gates strong, you will

prompt your coworkers to collaborate with you and enable your success at work.

1. Understand your role thoroughly to gain a comprehensive vision. The most important thing for

you to do at first is to understand your role from multiple perspectives.

- This will allow you to develop a plan for what you intend to do over the course of your tenure with

the company.

- Your plan should not be limited to your job description, but should include a vision of how your work

relates to other people within the organization.

- For example, certain reports that you will create at the end of the month may be used by a team in

another department.

- Therefore, it's imperative that your vision accounts for the impact of your work throughout the entire


2. Learn about the business to see the big picture. Take time to learn about the business's history and

understand what the business stands for.

- You should know the details of the products and services that the company exists to deliver.

- Learning about the business will give you a chance to understand how your role fits into the bigger


3. Make one-on-one connections. Don’t just show up at work and sit in your cubicle all day long without

talking to anyone.

- Though it’s important to do your work, you should also branch out and talk to your colleagues.

- After you establish yourself as a reliable and hard-working employee, take some time to go out and

interact with your coworkers in a non-professional setting.

- Try inviting them out to lunch, or for drinks after work.

- Getting to know them on a personal level will make sure they know who you are

4. Build relationships with people in key positions. Meeting and building relationships with the movers

and shakers within the business is a great way to gain connections and business insight.

- Get to know the people who run the show and have decision-making authority, to gain insight regarding

how the business is run and decisions are made.

5. Understand the expectations of your bosses. Although building relationships with your superiors is a great

way to make connections, you should also spend time learning about what they expect from you.

- This can include the expectations listed in your job description, as well as expectations that are more

informal, such as networking and offering your help.

- If you can help your bosses achieve their goals, this will be a huge plus for you.

6. Stay proactive to maximize your time on the job. You should start accomplishing your goals and making

connections as soon as possible to get the greatest benefit from your position.

- You have the first few days on the job to create a good impression and understand everything you need

to be successful in the time ahead.

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