How to Interview Someone (Part III)

III. Employing Effective Strategies

1. Make sure to keep it legal.

It is against the law to discriminate against an applicant due to race, sex, religion, age, disability, pregnancy,

national origin, and other factors.[3] Do not ask the candidate any questions that are geared toward finding

out information in one of these areas. Here are a few common questions interviewers ask, even though they


- You may not ask a woman whether she is pregnant, or expecting to start a family in the next few years.

- Don't ask someone if they go to church, or what religion they were raised practicing.

- Do not ask someone their age.

- Do not ask someone if their health issues will affect their ability to work.

2. Don't talk too much.

If you're going on about yourself or the company the whole time, your candidate won't be able to get a word in

edgewise. You might feel like it was a great interview and then realize you didn't really gain new information.

Ask leading questions and let the candidate speak for the majority of the interview.

3. Establish rapport.

You'll get more information out of the person if you're friendly, warm and inviting. Taking a hard-nosed

approach will cause some people to close up and answer questions guardedly. Encourage openness and

honesty through your body language. Smile, nod, and don't flinch if the candidate stumbles or has difficulties

answering a question.

4. Represent your company well.

Remember that the candidate has a choice in the matter of whether he or she takes the job if it's offered. You

might find people reluctant to take the job if the company doesn't seem like a great place to work, or if you

seem like you'd be an unpleasant manager. The cards aren't all in your hands, so don't go on a power trip during

the interview.

5. Take notes and double check answers.

Note important information during the interview, so you can double check on it afterward if need be. If the

candidate gives you details about a big project he or she completed for a previous company, there's no harm in

calling the references again to double check that it really happened.



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