How to Register a Job Seeker Account

 To register in CamHR website successfully, please follow these guideline as below:

Step 1: Fill Your Information

- In Homepage, click on Register at the top right, or Click this link.

Register link

- Register form appeared, please complete your:

   . Username

   . Email

   . Password and Confirm Password

   . Checked the box "I have read and agreed to the Term of Service"

- After completing, click on Register button.

  Can't register? Check the following:


  • Can fill 4-30 number and letter characters only.
  • No space and any symbols
  • Username must be unique. Try different username if it is said: "User already exists"

For Email:

  • Must fill a valid email.
  • One email can register only one account.


  • Your password length should be longer than 6.
  • No spaces
  • For high security, your password should be letters and numbers.

Step 2: Verify Your Email

- After click Register, you get alert message "The user's email is not verified, please verify first!"

- To verify your email, go to your email inbox and click on the link that CamHR sent to you, see example image below

- After you click on link, a page shows that your email is verified, as an image below:

- Finally, click on login at top left of the page.

- Login Page appeared, please fill in your Username or Email and Password and click on Login button to access your account:

*Note: You must verify your email address, because it can help you when you forget your password or username.

For more detail information, please kindly contact us via service hot line:

Tel: 023 969 088 


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