How to create employer account

 Two steps to register an employer account in CamHR.Com
STEP 1:  Fill Information

- Go to and click on Employer at the right of main menu.
- After the Login page is shown, please click on "New to CamHR? Register now!". See picture:

- Then Register Form is appeared. Please fill all required fields with your trusted information and click
Register button. Below is an example image:

*Make sure that "I have read and agreed to the Term of Service." is checked.
*Note: All your information must be trusted and all fields are required.

  Can't register? Check the following

- Username must be:
 . No space between, example: sokdara
 . Symbols are not allow, such as: - ! @ # $ % & * ()

- Confirm your email:
 . After clicking register button, check your email and click on a confirmation link to validate your account, see Step 2 below for detail.

STEP 2:  Confirm Email

- After clicking Register button, our system will send you a comfirmation email through your registered email. Please go to your inbox to open the email and click on link at the bottom to comfirm your registration, see below photo:

- Finished! now you can login to your account by using your username and password which have provided
during registration.

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