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Kampot Cement Co., Ltd   


Multi-National Company








Full Time

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Others Bachelor degree in electrical engineering




English-- Good   





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Job Description

  Vacancy Type:
Work Experience:
Age: - Planning and cooperation
- Make plan to repair machines and maintain them daily and yearly to be ready to operate according to production plans
- Make plan, give consultant, and maintain machines in cement production processaccording to the determined maintenance plan
- Plan and cooperate in making and adjusting machine and preventivemaintenance list of all the machines
- Plan, control and verify ordering, taking and checking any spare parts andother wares to ensure that they are completely in good quality andsufficient for use.
- Cooperate with machine operators and other related cells to do MachinesPreventive Maintenance.
- Maintain and adjust machines when theybreak down
- Controlling, commanding and problem solving
- Control, order and follow up with works assigned by Assistant or General Manager to make machine run as smoothly as plan.
- Monitor machinery conditions, maintenance works and to make them done in thestandard steps and related working methods
- Control and follow up employees’ daily work by asking them to check and maintainmachine, water circulation system and fuel using system regularly
- Follow up and examine machinery conditions while operating to ensure that machines and equipment operate efficiently
- Making report and data analysis
- Make monthly reports and analyze operating results such as maintenance andmaintenance cost to better improve the working process
- Keep records and information about root causes of machines’ BREAK DOWN to be used as data for prevention and improvement
- Make the maintenance annual budget plan as assigned
- Environmental safety work
- Highly take care of the appointed work to avoid any adverse effectson the environment or exceeds the specified environmental parameter
- Control and prevent the contamination to the environment from maintenanceprocess and machine maintenance
- Plan and control the use of maintenance materials and other wares for anyactivities in the plant to avoid any effect to naturalresources and environment
- Monitor and educate subordinates to strictly abide by safety rules and regulations

Job Requirements

  - Cambodian: males or femalesfrom 18-35 years old
- Education: Bachelor degree in electrical engineering from ITC or other institutions
- Language Proficiency:Good command of English, written and spoken
- Computer knowledge : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and E-mail
- Be able to work in team and independently
- Proven ability for accuracy, composure and efficiency under pressure and adherence to deadlines

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Contact Information

Contact Person

Kosal Kong


011 29 19 54




Toukmeas&Dorng Tung Districts, Kampot Province

Company Profile

Kampot Cement Co., Ltd. is a leading cement-manufacturing company in Cambodia. We produce Portland cement Type I and Plastering cement at 2500 tons per day with brand name K Cement. Our factory is based in Toukmeas and Dorng Tung Districts, Kampot Province and our Head Office is in Chak Angre Leu, Phnom Penh. With a long-term investment mission, we are developing our employees and our organization to ensure high-qualified people and an international-standard company with good governance.

Service hot line :

023 969 088 / 023 47 99099 / 023 47 99088

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Email :

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