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Technical Engineer


K.U.S Co., Ltd   


Private Limited Company






Phnom Penh




Full Time

Year of Exp.














English-- Excellent   




Phnom Penh;

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Job Description

  Job Responsibilities:
1.Product Research and Development:
a.To understand the local construction methodology, trends, technologies, products and system through regular site surveys.
b.Propose the new products within the Group product range based on the construction methodology surveys.
c.To assist group technical team in HQ by providing local requirement, practices and specifications for the new product development.
d.To understand the local government authority’s requirements /process flow on new construction development.
e.To understand the local code of practice, standard regulations for the products and system.
f.Perform other work-related duties as deemed necessary by the Group Technical Manager.

2.Product Training and Knowledge Enhancement:
a.Ensure all sales executives/Engineers and procurement officer well equipped with technical knowledge of their product ranges through the product knowledge enhancement training.
b.Responsible for development and update of training materials information, documents and training modules.

c.Responsible to Conduct class room training for Sales and procurement department
d.Responsible for the continuous improvement of training courses/modules based the feedback from training participants.

3.Product Demand Analysis :
a.To provide the forecasting of the product ranges in the whole market though the technical studies.

b.To create a model project based on project info and to find out the product demand in upcoming year for all type of projects.

c.Do continuous improvements on analysing method by adding data to get the more accurate values

4.Product Engineering and Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA&QC):
a.Responsible for Preparation, revision and maintenance of technical documents, including product drawings, method of statements, test reports and review documents for revisions.

b.To ensure the products and system accordance to authority/ statutory board requirements.
c.Maintain certification and compliance of the existing products
d.To ensure products and quality meet customer expectations.
e.Ensure that all the products are compliance with the KUS Quality management guidelines and policies
i.Responsible for conducting Incoming Quality Check (IQC)
ii.Responsible for raising Non-Conformity Report (NCR)
iii.Generating/revising the quality related documents, including QIS and QQIS for the related products and systems
iv.Responsible for Other QA&QC related activities
f.Responsible to do competitor sample comparison analysis.

5.Technical Department Operation :
a.Ensure that all the operations in the department are inbound with the pertinent guidelines and policies of company
b.Writing and revising of the technical operational policies and procedures.
c.To ensure the all enquiries/complaints from the sales executives/procurement officers or customers addressed on time.
d.Responsible to provide product/system technical presentation to the customers in case of necessity
e.To develop the calculation sheets, templates, formula for improving the productivity.

Job Requirements

  Job Requirements:
1.Minimum educational qualification/ level: Degree holder in Civil or Building Construction Engineering.

2.Minimum years of related working experience: two (2) year experience in building construction site supervision, or equivalent.

3.Software skills:Knowledge in AutoCAD, MS office and structural design software is plus

4.Understanding of the product application and functions

5.Knowledge and understanding on local and international code of practice

6.With initiative and ability to handle work professionally and independently

7.Must be able to communicate both in English and local language

8.Possess good interpersonal and coordination skills

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Contact Information

Contact Person

Michael Tung






#1304, St BT, Phum Kbaldomrey, Sangkat Kakab, Khan Posen Chey, Phnom Penh

Company Profile

About K.U.S Holdings

Founded in 1999, K.U.S Holdings specializes in the trading of steel bending components, formwork components and architectural works components.

To cater to the needs of different contractors for different type of projects in the market, K.U.S Holdings conducted in depth studies into the manufacturing process and the technical specifications of plywood. The range of plywood has since been expanded, and “Beaverply”, its own branding, was created.

With the added emphasis on efficiency and productivity of the construction industry in Singapore in recent years, K.U.S Holdings have invested into researching the different Formwork Systems globally, as part of the expansion plans to provide an alternative to the conventional formwork methods in the near future.

Over the years, K.U.S Holdings has established itself as an industry leader, and is committed to continue developing and suppling a wide range of products and services catering to the demand of growing construction markets and industries, while adjusting strategically in the evolving construction industry.

K.U.S Group of Companies

K.U.S Holdings (S) Pte Ltd
K.U.S Pre-Cast (S) Pte Ltd
K.U.S Scaffolding Pte Ltd
K.U.S Metal Works Pte Ltd
K.U.S Industrial Pte Ltd

K.U.S Co., Ltd

PT KUS Building Supplies

KUS Building Supplies Sdn Bhd
KUS Pre-cast Concrete (M) Sdn Bhd

K.U.S Building Supplies Co., Ltd

K.U.S Structural Components, Inc.
K.U.S Architectural Components, Inc.

K.U.S Building Supplies Co., Ltd

K.U.S Building Supplies Co. Ltd

Product and Services of K.U.S Group

Scaffolding systems
Steelbending components
Formwork components
Pre-Cast Concrete components
Metal Works products
Architectural Works components

Service hot line :

023 969 088 / 023 91 90 86 / 023 91 90 87 / 02391 90 89

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Email :

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