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No.36, St.169, PPIU Building, 4th Floor, Veal Vong, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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We welcome you to Aplus Consulting, considered Cambodia’s most sort after human resource partners. Established in 2008 to provide human resource and tax solutions to local and international companies in Cambodia. Our young and dynamic company has experienced significant growth and now partners with more than 100 organisations, with almost 1,000 employees placed throughout the country.

We have built a strong team of highly qualified and experienced local and international professionals, bringing their knowledge and expertise of legal, accounting, employee migration, talent acquisition and human resource management and development. We measure our own success from the trust our clients continue to place in us to provide sustainable support services and to grow their human potential.
We sincerely thank our team, our partners, our clients for helping us to reach a stage where we can proudly hold up SME1 Asia Awards 2012. We promise to only get better at our work and our services for our sustainable success for all.www.sme1.asia/Aplus-Consulting-Co-ltd-kinal-Sar

Company Jobs

Job Title Location Closing Date
Dentist ($300-$400) Phnom Penh;  Aug-18-2016
Spare Part Assistant ($200-$300) Phnom Penh;  Aug-21-2016
Quality Assurance Manager Phnom Penh;  Aug-21-2016
Senior Production Technician Phnom Penh;  Aug-21-2016
Senior Merchandiser ($1.5K - $1.8K) Phnom Penh;  Aug-21-2016
Head of Operation (1K-2K) Phnom Penh;  Aug-19-2016
Insurance Specialist (Salary $300-$350) Phnom Penh;  Aug-19-2016
Production Manager (2.5k-3.5k) Phnom Penh;  Aug-17-2016
Senior Sales Engineer ($700 up) Phnom Penh;  Aug-05-2016
Finance Manager Phnom Penh;  Aug-07-2016
Sales Engineer ($300 up) Phnom Penh;  Aug-05-2016
Marketing Coordinator ($350-$450) Phnom Penh;  Jul-29-2016
Service Engineer ($600-$800) Phnom Penh;  Jul-29-2016
Admin Assistant ($200 - $250) (Urgent) Phnom Penh;  Aug-10-2016
Customer Service Executive ($600-$800) Phnom Penh;  Jul-29-2016
Cake Bakery ($300) - Urgent Phnom Penh;  Jul-28-2016
Sale Representative F&B ($250 + Commission and other benefit) Phnom Penh;  Jul-27-2016
Junior Manager ($300-$600) Phnom Penh;  Aug-17-2016
Human Resource Supervisors ($300-$600) Phnom Penh;  Aug-17-2016
Warehouse Staff ($300 to $500) Poipet;  Aug-13-2016
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023 969 088 / 023 47 99099 / 023 47 99088

Operating Hours : Mon-Fri (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Email : jobs@camhr.com