How to Succeed As a Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment consultants find contractors to fill temporary and executive positions in the corporate world. They make money by earning a fee when a contractor is found, and they often receive a bonus if that contractor works out well for the company. Being a recruitment consultant means balancing sales, customer service and management skills. You must be willing to put a lot of time, energy and drive into this field. There are some ways that you can ensure you're effective in this position. Find out how to succeed as a recruitment consultant.

Method 1 of 2: Recruitment Consultant Approaches
1. Remain professional. Many young recruitment consultants make the mistake of trying to be friends with all of their potential contractors. You are likely to lose respect and lose contractors if you don't focus on your best business and meeting skills.
2. Focus on your attitude. A positive and realistic attitude is important because you will be dealing with people during a large part of your day. Come to work motivated, ready to listen and focused on motivating others.
3. Expect to work hard, especially in the beginning. Few new recruitment consultants can get by with a 40 hour work week. While you are developing your list of contractors and your business clients, you will need to spend hours researching and contacting people, outside of producing job descriptions, interviewing contractors and arranging appointments.
4. Focus on developing relationships with businesses. Market yourself to businesses where you believe you can successfully place candidates regularly. Focus on producing a prospective client kit, generating reviews from other businesses and keeping your business contacts happy so that they provide you with a steady stream of positions to fill.
5. Maintain excellent, open lines of communication. You should be adept and phone calling, interviewing and emailing. Many recruitment consultants struggle with finding a balance of keeping in touch but not pressuring the contractors.
6. Use a number of avenues to fill your positions. Try recommendations from company employees, word of mouth, job postings and developing your own website to post positions.

Method 2 of 2: Recruitment Consultant Skills
1. Hone an excellent contractor vetting process. No matter how good the contractor looks on paper, you will need to keep your eyes out for certain flaws.
- Look out for serial job leavers/hoppers. Despite the fact that the candidate may possess great experience and excellent interviewing skills, look for regular job hopping. Try to find gaps in employment, valid reasons and any employment history that they are not listing on their resume.
- Always look out for location and salary problems. No matter how good a candidate seems, a job with a big commute or in another city is unlikely to work out well. Listen thoroughly when you ask a candidate where they are looking to work and the salary range they will accept. It is very hard to place a candidate when these elements are not met.
- Find out all the reasons a contractor left previous jobs. Try to encourage them to be honest about any bad blood or failures in their past. You should know if your contractor fails to work well with team members, or if it was simply a bad fit.
- Keep an eye out for a good fit with company culture. Ask your candidates about their interests, hobbies, family and favorite sports. While keeping the conversation professional, you should be able to analyze how well they will work with a company's team.
2. Learn to produce exceptional job descriptions. Include necessary skills, qualifications, experience, career path and education, as well as concrete details like location, salary range, opening and closing dates and interview specifications. An artfully written and honest job description will set you apart from other recruiters.
3. Learn to work with others. Good relationships with other consultants will put you in good stead. If you find yourself low on contractors, ask your fellow consultant to look at a "trade," where they are able to fill a position for you and you can do the same for them.









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