How to Promote Teamwork at Your Workplace

No person is an island. At your workplace, having a team that works for a common vision is the greatest

advantage. If you're in charge of a team, there are many ways you can promote better teamwork. Making

each member feel valued and encouraging input are good places to start. Putting in the time to promote

teamwork will definitely pay off for your company.

1. Understand the benefits of teamwork. Any project you maybe working on can actually be done in a

quicker and more efficient way. Having team members means better inputs and suggestions. Also, it means

that more people are willing to come together to achieve that goal/vision.

2. Make your team-members feel important: The key to a successful team is that everyone shares the

same passion and focus to achieve the desired target/goal. And that can only happen when everyone on the

team is aware that they all are individually important for the success of the team as a whole. Involve people

in the project, give them all the information, the goal, deadlines (if any). Make them feel that they're responsible

for the outcome.


3. Encourage inputs and suggestions: This would not only help establish a sense of purpose in everyone,

but would also help as someone might come up with a suggestion to improvise which you may not even have

thought of.

4. Organize team meetings/activities If being part of a team is a regular thing for you at work (sales

teams etc) it's always a good idea to have team meetings and activities like outings, games etc.

This helps every team member to know and understand the other members in the team and can also be the

starting point for great friendships in the later years too.

5. Offer rewards and recognition (R&R). Everyone loves to be noticed for their hard work. That's where RnR

sessions come handy. You can have certificates/awards distributed for members who have been instrumental in

the team's success. This also acts as a motivator for others to try and achieve that award which means they

would work harder at their individual roles in the team.

6. Delegate responsibilities: Again, if you're heading the project, it's always a great idea to delegate. That

not only means less work for you, but also shows that you trust other people in the team enough to entrust

them with some key responsibilities. It's a great confidence booster and you might actually stumble upon

people who have great leadership qualities or methods of working in a team which can help everyone.

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