How to Purchase & Post Job Announcement

5 Steps to purchase and post job annoucement in

Step 1:

 Create CamHR Account

- Register a free employer account first. Read how to register 

Step 2:

 Create & Post Job Annoucement

- Login to your employer account

- Click on Post a Job in left menu panel, see picture: 

- Complete your job's information such as:

  • Company Profile
  • Job Description & Requirement
  • Attachment
  • Contact Information

See image:

- Click Preview button to see actual view of your job annoucement, Or click Save As Draft button to publish later.

Step 3:

 Pay for the credit on your account

- Go to Credit Recharge 

- Select the money that you want to refill. You can see the picture below 

- Call us 023 969 088 / 015 99 89 08 / 015 99 80 29

- Make payment by choosing one below:

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Step 4:

 Buy the service package you want to avail

- Back to job posting Service Packages

- Click Buy at the right to purchase your desired package.

- Fill quantities of packages you want to purchase and click Buy button

Step 5:

 Job annoucement publishing

- After you purchased a package, go back to All Job

- Click on Publish link at the right of your job annoucement.

- In Preview page, click Publish button again at the bottom.

- Then choose your purchased package by clicking Select on the right. See photo example:

- Another comfirmation box appeared, click OK to finish publishing your job annoucement.

*** Click Here:  How to make sure that your job announcement is published?

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